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Reasons Why Our Response Time Matter

1/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck SERVPRO of Piscataway is here for you 24/7 - 365 days a year.

As leaders in the restoration industry, we are well aware of how important restoration is to homeowners. That is why we are passionate about always responding quickly and performing a top-notch job.

Though discovering damage will always begin a stressful time, our 24/7 emergency line and highly trained technicians will make the process much smoother. By responding quickly, we will be able to get your life back on track as soon as possible so your home can go back to the way it was. 

3 Key Ways a Quick Response Benefit You

1. We can prevent additional damage from occurring. It is rare that damages to a home are simply a black and white issue. There are so many damages that can compound on one another, especially when they are allowed to sit for a long time without being treated. For example, in the case of water damage, mold can develop as quickly as 24 hours after flooding occurs. That is why we keep our emergency line on 24/7, so you can report damage and get a quick response at any hour.

2. Homeowners can gain peace of mind. Obtaining damages to your home is one of the most difficult events homeowners can face in their life. Whether you are dealing with general stress after a natural disaster or simply worried about the restoration process for your home, our rapid response will reassure you that your home will be restored as quickly as possible. 

3. We can work with you every step of the way. Whether you need a full overhaul due to a flood or have some minor damage from a stove fire, we are here to help. Because our technicians are trained to the highest standards in the restoration industry, they'll know exactly what to do when they arrive on the scene. This means that the moment they get there, they can take action and begin helping you with every aspect of restoration, instead of only arriving after you have already begun the process on your own. 

If you've experienced damage to your home, don't hesitate to give us a call. We can respond at any hour and begin restoring your home right away. 

How to Protect Your Home Against Water Damage

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

Backup computer It is important to backup your computer in case of water damage.

When preparing for water damage, creating an emergency and evacuation plan is a smart first step, but what about the things you are leaving behind? Protecting your home and its contents in a disaster scenario is the main concern, and thankfully, there are ways to achieve that. 

By planning ahead and preparing your belonging, as well as learning how to mitigate water damage that starts inside of the home, you can keep your structure and its contents far safer in the event of a water damage scenario.

Ways to Lessen the Damage that Water Can Cause

Create a Backup of Digital and Physical Files

If a flood or other serious type of water damage happens to your home, having the proper documents to help you restore will make the recovery process go much more smoothly. For this reason, it is wise to create backups of all your paperwork in order to have them readily accessible. Make copies of any physical documents and store them in a secure, off-site location. For digital files, make use of a backup system where you can recover files even if your main computer becomes damaged by moisture.

Elevate Valuables, Electronics, and Appliances

While it is impossible to know how high water will rise in a water damage situation, taking the time to elevate household objects is a good way to cover your bases. Appliances can be elevated on cinder blocks to avoid having their bases soaked in water. For electronics and valuables, placing them on the highest shelf or another elevated location might be enough to keep them out of harm's way entirely when the water rushes in.

Know Where Your Home's Water Shutoff is Located

If you are dealing with water damage from a burst pipe or other household leak, being able to shut off your water quickly can do wonders in mitigating the damage. Making sure you and everyone in the household are aware of whee the water shutoff is located is a simple way to ensure you can always cut off the water quickly if need be.

If you are planning ahead for water damage and would like to learn more about your recovery options,  contact us to learn why we're leaders in the water restoration field.

Small Business Recovery Tips for After a Disaster

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Accessing fire damage Restoration technician accessing fire damage.

If your small business has been impacted by a natural disaster, it can be a time fraught with uncertainty. Between recovery, ensuring the safety of your employees and restoring your building to continue operations, there are many things to consider—and with small businesses being impacted more severely than large businesses in the wake of a natural disaster, recovering can begin to feel like a daunting task.

As leaders in commercial restoration, we have helped many business owners reopen following a natural disaster and are here to be a resource for you. Below we have compiled our top tips for recovery after your business has been hit by a natural disaster, so you can get back in business faster.

Assess and Document the Damages

It is important to never re-enter a building until emergency personnel have declared it to be safe, but once that happens, taking stock of the damages and documenting them is vital to the restoration process. By having documentation of the damage, you can provide your insurance company with more information to go toward your claim in order to provide proof of the issues you are facing. Additionally, this is a good time to check in with key employees, vendors and clients to determine they are safe and evaluate any interruption in their own workflow.

Explore Recovery Options

Knowing where to turn to for assistance during the recovery process will help you receive aid and get your business reopened much more quickly. The U.S. Small Business Administration offers low-interest disaster loans and other resources for business owners to learn more about disaster preparedness and recovery processes.

Contact a Commercial Restoration Company

Working with the right company to handle your restoration is one of the best things you can do for the longevity of your business. Be sure to watch out for post-disaster restoration scams that often pop up to prey on vulnerable victims, and instead choose a company with a proven record for quality work and a strong local presence. Look for a company with a 24⁄7 emergency line so you can report your damage at any hour, and be sure they have highly trained technicians who have experience in commercial restoration.

If your business has been impacted by a disaster, you can call us 247 to report the damage and have our highly trained technicians respond quickly.

How Your Household Can Prepare for a House Fire

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

Though a house fire is something most individuals would rather not consider, it is important to prepare for them to keep the members of your household safe. 

Many people overestimate how much time they will have to escape a house fire, but experts warn that the average person only have two minutes to evade the flames. Because of this narrow time frame and the extreme dangers associated with a lack of preparedness, having a house fire plan in place is key.

How to Prepare for a Household Fire

Follow Guidelines for Smoke Alarms

When a fire starts, your smoke alarms are the first line of defense meaning that it is essential that they are operational and can be heard from anywhere in the home. The National Fire Protection Association has several guidelines for smoke alarm installation regarding where to install them and how often to test and replace them to help keep your household fire-safe. 

Create a Fire Escape Plan (and Practice It) 

While many households have a fire escape plan in place, fewer than half have actually taken the time to practice it. It is important to create a fire escape plan that includes two exits out of every room and allows all family members to escape in under two minutes. Practice the escape plan at least every six months, going over different fire scenarios and designating an outdoor meeting place where household members can touch base once they have escaped. 

Know What to Do After a Fire

The aftermath of a fire can be emotionally draining and cause individuals to experience a lot of stress as they work to reclaim their home and belongings. Making a plan for the aftermath of the fire- such as designating a temporary place to stay, keeping important home documents off-site for recovery and knowing which restoration company to work with to get cleanup started right away- will make the recovery process much smoother for individuals who have suffered from a house fire.

If you have suffered from a house fire, we are here to help! Call SERVPRO of Piscataway at 732-752-4445 to report your damage and begin the restoration process immediately. 

How We Work Efficiently During Water Restoration

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

Walls damaged from water Walls damaged from water

When you select a company to repair water damage to your home, it is important that you can trust them and have faith in their work. Not only are your home and belongings of the utmost importance, but for water restoration, working quickly and efficiently is key to preventing further issues. 

That is why we have our process down to a time-tested science and can guarantee you will be pleased with the results. 

Timeline of Water Damage Restoration

Step 1: Notification and Service Arrangement 

From the time you notify us of a loss, we will contact you within an hour to arrange the details of your service, so you can rest assured that help is on the way.

Step 2: Getting to Your Door

In four hours' time, our technicians will be at your door to begin the assessment process. By responding to this quickly, we can prevent additional damage from occurring and save you time and money. 

Step 3: Providing a Detailed Explanation

After we assess the damage, we will explain to you what we have discovered and give you a detailed overview of the work we will be performing. Here is where you will learn about our time estimate and what to expect during the working process.

Step 4: Contacting Appropriate Parties

Within eight hours from the time we arrive, we will contact any appropriate parties that should be involved in the process, such as property managers or insurance agents. 

Step 5: Pretesting

Starting at the source of the water damage and working their way through the home, our technicians will being the pretesting process to determine the restoration process that will be most effective.

Step 6: Cleaning and Restoration

By utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment and technical knowledge, our technicians will begin the cleanup and restoration process so your home can be restored quickly to its pre-damaged condition.

Step 7: A Final Walkthrough

Once all the work is completed, we will take you for a final walkthrough to show you the details of our restoration and ensure you are satisfied with the work that has been performed. 

Do you have water damage in your home? We are here 24/7 to help you! Contact us today at (732) 752-4445. 

Handling Your Appliances After a Flood

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

2 air conditioning units Do not use air conditioning after a flood because it could spread mold throughout the vents.

The process of cleaning up after a flood requires many considerations and decisions to be made. While it is tempting to salvage everything that was damaged, it is important to handle belongings safely and correctly in order to preserve their life.


Appliances are some of the most expensive items in a home, so it makes sense that they are one of the things that homeowners are most concerned with salvaging. Here is what you need to know about handling your appliances after a flood in a safe manner. 

1. Get a Professional Inspection

The electrical components of an appliance can get severely damaged in a flood, so attempting to dry appliances and turn them back on can result in shocks and short-circuiting. If appliances have been in a water-filled room, the best course of action is to unplug them immediately once the water recedes and obtain the inspection of a qualified technician to determine the next steps.

2. Do Not Use the AC

Because of how quickly mold can grow within a HVAC unit, your air conditioning system could spread mold throughout the home's vents if it is turned on. A restoration service with HVAC and mold expertise should perform an inspection before the system is restored. 

3. Inspect the Refrigerator and Freezer.

The insulation of a refrigerator and freezer dry out slowly, meaning mold could be growing within the walls. If the insulation has gotten wet, you might be at risk for mold growth. Check with the manufacturer's booklet to determine where the insulation is located on your unit in order to know if it has been submerged or not.

4. Replace Water Filters

If the flood has disrupted the clean water supply, the water lines and ice maker in the refrigerator have been exposed to contaminants. Change the water filter and discard of any already-made ice within the bin before sanitizing it and returning it to use.

If your home has been through a flood, SERVPRO of Piscataway is here to help you! We are experts in water and flood damage, and you can call us 24/7 with your damages at 732-752-4445.

SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile on smartphones or tablets, "When damage strikes you can be ruined or you can be ready"

The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) is a free, downloadable emergency preparedness tool designed to assist business owners in case of emergency. As a company who see the effects of these catastrophes every day, SERVPRO of Piscataway knows the importance of thorough planning. According to FEMA, about 50% of businesses never reopen after facing a disaster. By developing a SERVPRO ERP, you minimize business downtime by having a plan of action in the event disaster strikes. The ERP contains important information needed to begin mitigation and recovery services. The sooner you get in contact with us, the faster our technicians can get there and prevent more damage. 

Advantages of the SERVPRO ERP

  • A no-cost assessment of your facility containing critical information needed in case of emergency
  •  A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster
  • Establishes SERVPRO of Piscataway as your disaster mitigation & restoration provider
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin
  • Provides facility details such as a shut off valve locations, priority areas and priority contacts

Getting Started

  • Step 1: Visit and register for an account using your email address as your username and choose a password.
  • Step 2: Choose your preferred SERVPRO Franchise Representative to contact in the event your business experiences water, fire, mold, or other types of damage.
  • Step 3: Call and schedule our knowledgeable technicians to come to your facility and record the details such as shut-off valves, priority areas and priority contact info. They will take pictures of all exits, stairwells, elevators, electrical rooms, alarm locations, water/gas shut-off valves, and any other important information.
  • Step 4: Begin creating ERP's for all your properties.
  • Step 5: Download the SERVPRO Ready Plan App on your IPhone, tablet, Android, or Blackberry device from the respective App store.
  • Step 6: Launch the Ready Plan App & sign in using the same username and password from Step 1.

At this point it may take a few minutes for the data to sync. All your ERP information will appear on your tablet or mobile device. You can now and manage ERP information from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If you have any questions about the Emergency READY Profile, or if you would like to schedule a time for one of our technicians to come to your business and fill one out, give us a call! (732) 752-4445.

How Thunderstorms Lead to Flash Floods | SERVPRO® of Piscataway

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

From lightning strikes to wind impacts, when nature's forces combine into a thunderstorm, extensive damage can occur. While all of these things are dangerous, it is important to note that most flash floods are a direct result of thunderstorms, which are the most prevalent weather-related killer in the U.S. 

So how does a thunderstorm lead to flash flood, and can those that might be affected prepare? Our flash flood FAQ has the answers!



What is a flash flood? Typically, flash floods are caused by thunderstorms that spend a large amount of time over one area or brief storms that expel a significant amount of precipitation in a short time. The amount of water expelled is too much for the ground to handle, leading to a sudden accumulation of floodwater.

What makes flash floods so dangerous? Experts believe that it is due to how quickly they can occur and how often they are underestimated. For example, just six inches of floodwater can knock an adult off his or her feet.  

Why should I worry about flash floods if I do not live on a floodplain? In recent years, experts have seen an uptick in areas affected by flooding that have not been historically prone to them. Even without living in a known floodplain, it is important to be prepared.

What should I do if there is flash flooding in my area? Never attempt to cross or drive through flood waters for any reason, and move to high ground immediately until help arrives or flood waters subside.

What should I do if my home is damaged by a flash food? With water damage, it is important to get the cleanup process started as soon as possible. Find a certified flood restoration company in your area with a 24/7 response time to start restoration right away. 



In order to stay safe when flash flooding is likely, it is important to know the various levels of warning the weather service will issue.

1.Flash Flood Advisory: A flash flood advisory means to be aware. Flooding might occur in limited areas and is not severe enough to warrant a warning, but can cause serious danger if precaution is not taken.

2. Flash Flood Watch: Conditions imply that it is likely a flash flood will occur. It is not guaranteed or currently happening, but experts believe it is highly possible.

3. Flash Flood Warning: When flash flooding is imminent or currently happening, a flash flood warning is issued and all should move to higher ground right away.


If your home has been damaged by a storm or flash flood, SERVPRO of Piscataway is here to help!Call us 24/7 with your restoration needs at 732-752-4445.

Don't Wait for the Storm to Hit to Start Planning

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your business was hit by a storm? Do you have the proper mechanisms in place to recover? Almost 50% of business never recover and 25% fold or close in the year following the event.

When a catastrophe occurs in your business it is important to be prepared. How quickly your company can get back to business after a tornado, fire, or flood depends on the emergency planning done beforehand. 

When planning for a natural disaster & creating your disaster plan, you will need to consider many aspects that pertain to your business. 

Employee Safety

It is very important to have a plan in place that lays out procedures and safety measures for employees to follow. Create evacuation routes with exits that are clearly marked and visible and identify a spot outside that can serve as a meet-up spot. 

Protect Assets

Keep an up-to-date inventory including photographs of your assets. This can be helpful if an insurance claim needs to be made. Backup data before the storm hits to keep your files safe. 

Build Relationship with Restoration Company

It is important to make relationships with a disaster recovery firm like SERVPRO of Piscataway. Not only do we understand the business of cleaning up after a disaster strikes, we also believe in building relationships with business owners like you, in case something unexpected happens. 


How do Storms Form?

8/16/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded basement caused by recent storm.

The residents of South Plainfield New Jersey have been experiencing a high amount of thunderstorms this summer.

Thunderstorms can be very dangerous to anyone. These storms are usually followed by strong winds, rain and lightning.Large amounts of rainfall in a short period of time can cause flash flooding. Flash floods can send ground water into your home through basement windows, garage doors or through the foundation.

A resident in Iselin New Jersey had recently experienced the tragedy of a groundwater flood with 5 inches of water in his basement.He was fortunate to be prepared for this situation by having flood insurance or it could have been financially devastating. It is important as a home owner to know your insurance coverages before tragedy strikes.

We at SERVPRO of Piscataway are here to help with any type of water intrusion. And, like with our recent customer in Iselin we will respond quickly and professionally to help you through any flooding situation.

SERVPRO of Piscataway available 24/7 for all your storm restoration.

SERVPRO of Piscataway