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How to Protect Your Home From the Spring Thaw

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

Spring thaw Just because the snow is melting, does not mean you have to have water damage. It is important to be prepared.

We have seen a LOT of snow this winter in New Jersey so far. Though it may not feel like it yet, spring is around the corner. Spring officially starts on March 20th.

While the warmer temperatures of Spring are nice, the spring thaw that results can lead to problems. When you experience a snowy winter, the warmer temperatures of spring will cause the leftover snow and ice to melt. This thawing creates excess water that can cause water damage, in home flooding, and other issues around your home.

Here are some tips to keep your home protected from the spring thaw.

  • Shovel the snow around your property. Most importantly make sure the snow that is up against your home is shoveled so it can melt away from your home. You should also make sure there is nothing in your yard that may obstruct the draining of melting snow and ice.
  • Inspect your drainage system. The drainage system on your home must be free of obstructions in order to properly drain away the snow and water from your home. Open your roof drains and make sure floor drains and any outside drains are clear as well.
  • Inspect your roof. Check the condition of your roof to make sure there is no damage from the winter.
  • Check gutters and downspouts. Make sure there is nothing, such as twigs, leaves, or ice, preventing your gutters from draining properly. It is very important to clean your gutters and downspouts to allow for proper drainage.
  • Test your sump pump. Make sure your sump pump is clean and the intake valve is clear. Test the sump pump to ensure it is working correctly. Sump pumps protect your basement from flooding, so it's important to make sure its in working condition.
  • Protect your belongings. Move valuable or important items like personal documents or electronics to higher elevation. Try to make sure everything in your basement is off the ground, in case of a flood.
  • Check your insurance policy. Most homeowner policies do not include flood damage so it's important to purchase this protection separately if you feel that you may be beneficial to you.
  • Give us a call! If you have water damage in your home, hiring a professional restoration company like SERVPRO of Piscataway can give you peace of mind that your home is in good hands. We will guide you through the process of restoring your home to its pre-damage condition and get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

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Commercial Water Damage

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage Water damage in a commercial building.

Commercial vs Residential

How is commercial water damage different than residential water damage? Restoration in commercial properties is a highly technical process, and more involved that the restoration of a home.

One of the most obvious differences is the size of the building. Commercial properties usually have more vulnerabilities since they are so much bigger. A bigger building means more water and more to clean.

Another vulnerability of commercial buildings are windows. Windows are one of the most common culprits of water damage.  Unsealed or improperly sealed windows can cause water to come into the building, and cause many problems such as warped wood, mold, and weak walls.

Commercial proprieties generally also have more pipes due to bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Leaky/broken pipes, frozen, blockage and buildup in pipes can cause water damage.

Businesses also have appliances on a larger scale such as HVAC or sprinkler systems that can cause damage.

What to Do Next

Water damage restoration in a commercial property is similar to residential clean-up, just on a large scale. If you are a commercial property owner, do not delay in treating a leaky or broken pipe, clogged toilet, or unsealed window. Water damage can get worse faster in commercial properties.

It is important to contact restoration company as soon as possible to begin extraction, drying, and disinfecting. The longer water damage sits, the more damage can occur.

If your commercial property suffered from water damage, call SERVPRO of Piscataway today.

SERVPRO of Piscataway   732-752-4445

Who Should You Call?

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

With more than 1,700 franchises nationwide, SERVPRO is a leader in the restoration industry. Our comprehensive storm restoration services include water removal, flood cleanup, mold remediation or removal, fire damage restoration, viral disinfecting and air duct cleaning. 

The experts at SERVPRO of Piscataway understand how devastating storm damage can be and aim to offer everything home and business owners should look for in a restoration company.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Disaster can strike anytime and when it comes to water damage after a storm, time is of the essence. Every second a structure is exposed to water increases the chance of mold.

SERVPRO of Piscataway is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We are here to help around the clock, so we can be there for you when disaster strikes.

Certification and Experience

It is vital to have experienced professionals when dealing with water or fire damage. Home or business owners want to feel comfortable knowing that their property will be restored the right way.

Technicians at SERVPRO of Piscataway are all IICRC certified. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) sets high-quality standards for restoration companies. Our employees are constantly learning new techniques through e-Classes and certification training. 

Top Notch Equipment

Storm damage restoration is a complex process and requires advanced technology. Choosing a restoration company with the proper tools is crucial to minimizing damage.

SERVPRO of Piscataway only uses the best technology and equipment, including water removal machines, moisture exposing tools, and deodorization materials. We have access to the best equipment available on the market.

Locally Owned and Operated

SERVPRO of Piscataway is a locally owned company, which means we are more invested in ensuring our community bounces back after major storms. Our clients aren’t just clients—they’re neighbors, friends, and family. 

SERVPRO is a nationwide franchise, but each franchise is locally owned. This combination gives home and business owners the best of both worlds: the customer care and localized knowledge that comes with a local company and a large corporation's resources.

We Will Deal With Insurance For You

Storm damage restoration is a stressful process and dealing with insurance companies can be even worse. SERVPRO of Piscataway will take that stress away from you as well.

We are familiar with all major insurance providers and will deal with the claims process for you. We will ensure that the restoration process is well-documented with damage reports, billing forms, and photos of each step of the process. We will handle the insurance process from the beginning to the end.

To learn more about our great company call us today at SERVPRO of Piscataway.

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The Packout Process

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

Floods, fires, and storm damage to your home are stressful and devastating. It is not just the floor and walls that are damaged, it's also your furniture, your clothes, and your valuables. It is sometimes the sentimental items that mean the most to our customers.                                      

Pack-outs are a vital component to the mitigation work that our team can do. We arrive with production trailers full of packing materials, boxes, blankets, and other protective gear to keep the contents removed from your property safe through the travel to our nearby facility.

Salvageable vs. Unsalvageable:

Our packout process is begins with our team “packing out” your property’s contents to be temporarily relocated for the duration of the restoration process. When you have a disaster, one of the first things we do is send a team to sort and box your belongings. To ensure every item is accounted for, we scan and catalog every item into our system before placing them in labeled boxes. This process also ensures customers get all of their belongings back!

Unfortunately, some items—either due to the type of item or the amount of damage it sustained—aren't able to be saved by our team. These unsalvageable items are cataloged the same as all of the other belongings, but they are generally disposed of instead. However, before we take any such action, we always meet with you to review the unsalvageable items so you can make a final decision!

We know how important it is to save sentimental items. Our technicians work hard to ensure your belongings are treated with the respect they deserve, while working diligently to restore your property to it's preloss condition.

While much of the restoration work by our SERVPRO team can happen onsite, many individual contents require specialized attention, cleaning, and deodorization, that best occurs in our care.

Once your belongings are safely at our facility, they are moved to one of our many temperature-controlled storage pods where we will safely keep them until you are ready for your belongings to be packed back in your time.

If you have a disaster and need a team of local professionals, call SERVPRO of Piscataway today at (732) 752-4445!

Guide to Winter Water Damage

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Winter Damage Cleaning the snow off your roof is important in keeping your home safe from winter weather damage.

What Are Some Common Types of Winter Water Damage?

Ice dams are one of the first problems homeowners experience after a winter storm. The snow on your roof melts as it heats up and the water trickles into your gutters.

If your gutters are clogged the water will collect and freeze again, and begin to form a dam. The more snow and ice collect, the more the materials beneath them erode and will create access points for water. Roof leaks lead to attic insulation and ceiling damage. Water may leak down and rot wood framing and drywall.

This falling water outside can combine with melting snow on your lawn and soak the soil. Moisture then freezes and expands beneath your home. The upward bulge pushes into your basement and concrete foundation, causing cracks and weakening the structure. 

The ice melt may also drown your septic system’s drainfield. With nowhere to go, waste may push back into your home or rise to the surface of your lawn, creating a sewage biohazard, which would end up costing you money to have cleaned up.

Water may also expand in your pipes when it freezes, in turn causing the casing or connections of the pipes to crack and cause leaks. 

How Can You Prevent It?

When you know the temperatures are dropping and a freeze is coming, be prepared.  Clean your gutters to prevent ice dams. Adding more insulation to your attic floor will keep the heat inside your home so that it won't melt the snow through the roof.

Have your downspouts positioned in a way to drive melted snow toward the sewers, and be sure that there is a 6-inch soil slope around your homes foundation. These steps will ensure that melted snow will flush toward the street and not over-saturate your soil and leak onto your foundation.

Remove snow from your roof as it accumulates, do not let it pile up and become very heavy.  Prevent interior freezing by keeping your faucets on a drip when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply insulating wraps to keep pipes warm.

If your home or business experiences water damage due to winter storms, call SERVPRO of Piscataway. Our trained and knowledgeable technicians are available 24/7 to come and restore your property to its preloss condition and make it "Like it never even happened."

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Tips for Using a Generator at Home

1/28/2021 (Permalink)

Cold winds and winter storms sometimes knock the power out on frigid nights. In these cases, many families turn to generators to help them stat warm as they wait for the power to come back on.

Generators can be lifesaving when the weather is cold. But if they aren't used safely, they can pose dangers of their own.

According to industry experts, 900 people died of carbon monoxide poisoning from generators between 2005 and 2017. This number doesn't include the thousands of people who were injured when generators caught fire.

Generator Safety Advice

So how can you make a generator safe for your family? Follow these tips:

  • Get battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors. These are inexpensive and can detect the odorless carbon monoxide in time to keep your family safe from the threat.
  • Position your generator correctly. If you use a generation it needs to be kept dry on level ground, and clear on all sides. Place your generator at least 15 to 20 feet away from your home. And be sure that the exhaust from your generator won't blow towards your home. That exhaust is carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas.  
  • Don't plug your generator in indoors. This is a common mistake, and it can be dangerous. Always place your generator outside your home.
  • Get your generator serviced regularly. Don't plug in your generator if you're not sure that it is working correctly. 

Check your generator regularly to ensure it's in working order before you need it. That way, you aren't taking a risk with your generator. 

If your home is damaged due to a fire or any other cause, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We have crews that are available 24/7 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help. 

Why Choose SERVPRO of Piscataway?

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

If you have ever had a disaster in your home whether it was flooding and water damage, fire or smoke damage, or discovering mold, you might wonder who to call. SERVPRO is the #1 restoration company in the industry!  Our company has highly trained and certified technicians, 24-hour emergency service, we are locally owned and operated, and a trusted leader in the restoration industry.  If you don’t believe SERVPRO of Piscataway is the best check it out these testimonials left by some of our awesome customers!

SERVPRO came to the rescue during an emergency we had after our sewer line cracked. They were professional, clean and on time. We worked with Frank and Mike who were tremendous. Have nothing but positives things to say about SERVPRO of Piscataway! -Keith

The crew sent was timely, professional, polite, knowledgeable, and courteous. We used SERVPRO for our HVAC duct cleaning, and they were met with many odd obstacles. These Gentlemen were able to overcome those with relative ease, thought on their feet, and did an excellent, clean job as if my home were their own. Given the totality of the circumstances, they essentially worked thru their own lunch-break to meet their own set of goals, and in my opinion went well above and beyond our expectations. They explained the process to us thoroughly without us having to even ask, and also detailed to us any shortfall and their solution to remedy whichever obstacle they ran into. I highly recommend, and would absolutely use them again! -Andrew

Debbie, Michael and the rest of the team were absolutely wonderful. They were punctual and professional and walked me through the entire process. They were able to clean up our water issue with minimal damage and communicated with me the entire way. I won’t ever use another company. I can’t say enough good things about them. -Megan

I honestly cannot say enough good things about SERVPRO. We called them the same day they came out, on time with amazing techs who were not only friendly and professional, but knowledgeable and extremely considerate to our needs. The techs estimated how long the job would take and they were right on point. It is refreshing to work with a company who hits every aspect of superior customer satisfaction out of the park! Everyone was beyond awesome! Thank you SERVPRO!-Kristina

Very pleased with the professionalism of the technicians who were very courteous and friendly. They explained everything before beginning the job, were thorough and careful as they worked. This company is highly recommended. - Carol

Even during the pandemic, the SERVPRO guys delivered. The flood in our building happened during the lockdown but that did not stop the team from taking the right precautions while remediating the water damage quickly and completely. I highly recommend Frank and SERVPRO. -Tress Realty

Our goal is to restore both our customer’s property and their peace of mind through timely mitigation. We will come in, restore the property to pre-damage condition, and make it "Like it never even happened." The happiness of our customers is our #1 priority!

If your home or business experiences water, fire, or mold, call SERVPRO of Piscataway at  732-752-4445.

SERVPRO of Piscataway is Here to Help

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Here’s why South Plainfield residents know to call us to help them deal with the restoration process.

We’re here to help you 24/7

Getting started early on restoration efforts can make a difference. That’s why our team is here to help you when you need our services. All you have to do is call us, and someone will be there to
help. Our team is available 24⁄7 for emergencies.

We believe in restoring homes

By working with you to meet your needs, we can help you find ways to save money on repairs. We will always look to repair and restore rather than replace whenever possible. And in some cases approaching a job from a restoration mindset
can help you save money on your homeowners insurance premiums in the future.

We can help with the whole process

House fires can damage your walls, your furniture’s upholstery and more. Other issues homeowners deal with after a fire include
smoke and water damage. Our team of experts has the tools needed to do your restoration work the right way.

We are a locally owned business

Because we’re a SERVPRO location, we can have access to the training, resources and equipment you would find at a large, growing company and the advantage of being a partner located right here in South Plainfield.

If you have fire damage in your home, you can count on us for restoration assistance. Our team is always ready to meet your needs and help you restore your home. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration.

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Stay Safe While Using Space Heaters This Winter

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Space Heaters It is important to be cautious when using space heaters in your home this winter.

House fires are more common during the winter—and the space heaters many Americans rely on to heat their homes on frigid nights are among the most common causes of those fires.

Experts estimate that up to 25,000 house fires every year are caused by space heaters. In those fires, an estimated 300 people lose their lives.

So taking steps to keep your home safe while using space heaters can protect both your home and your family.

  • Never place a space heater within three feet of fabric (like curtains) or upholstery in your home.
  • Also, be sure you’re using a space heater with the latest safety features. Automatic shutoffs are especially important. If your space heater falls over, it can stop them from being a fire hazard.
  • Don’t use an electric heater in areas where moisture creates a shock hazard, such as in a bathroom, kitchen, or near a glass window or door subject to heavy condensation.
  • Always plug an electric heater directly into the wall outlet and make sure the power cord does not cross a walkway. Never run the heater’s cord under rugs or carpet, where it can be damaged. Never use extension cords or power strips.

Careful homeowners can do everything right and still need help in the aftermath of the house fire.

If you ever need our help, we have a team of experts who are ready to restore your home. Call SERVPRO of Piscataway at 732-752-4445.

How Long Will Your Fire Extinguisher Last?

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Extinguisher Fire extinguishers should be checked monthly.

Rely on this info to keep your home safe from flames and your defenses up to date.

Check for an expiration date. 

Look for a paper tag on the fire extinguisher showing a record of maintenance. It may not connote an expiration date, but if the oldest date on the tag was more than 10 years ago, your extinguisher’s days are likely numbered—it may already have lost its ability to fight flames.

Next, inspect the pressure gauge at the top. 

If the needle is within the green area, your extinguisher should be in working order. If so, set up a monthly reminder on your calendar or your phone to continue checking the gauge. A needle in the red or white area indicates that it requires service.

If the extinguisher has no gauge, it’s probably an older model, which means it would be wise to take it to a professional for testing and, if necessary (and possible), recharging.

Bring the unit to a fire extinguisher expert for a professional determination to see if it can be recharged.

 To find a local pro, search online for “fire extinguisher specialist” and include the name of your city and state. A professional recharge typically runs between $15 and $20, a bargain compared to a new extinguisher, which will likely cost $100 to $200.

Store a fire extinguisher in a clean, indoor location can help extend its life. Exposure to sun, UV radiation, wind, or rain can cause corrosion, rust, and deterioration. Excessively dusty or dirty environments can hamper the device’s ability to function properly.

Know the warning signs. There are several telltale clues that your extinguisher won’t work no matter what its age—and that, in fact, it poses a hazard all its own. If the canister is dented or bruised, or if the tamper seal and pin are missing, there’s a possibility that it might explode unprompted. Examine the entire unit and if it’s not in good shape, properly dispose of it without delay.

If your fire extinguisher is indeed expired or damaged beyond repair, dispose of it properly. 

Take it to your local hazardous waste collection site (find one locally with an online search) or local fire department (call first to ensure that the station accepts expired extinguisher drop-offs). Never throw a fire extinguisher into the trash or recycling bin, because it still has hazardous, pressurized chemicals inside that can contaminate the earth or even explode. Depending on where you live, improper fire extinguisher disposal may also be subject to a fine.

If you have any questions or concerns Please feel free to contact us at anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week