Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Basement In Bound Brook, NJ

We were called to a job in Bound Brook where a pipe broke on the second floor of the house which also affected the first floor. During our initial inspection we... READ MORE

House Left Unattended

This customer was shocked to find his house had been overrun with mold. The house had been closed up without an HVAC system running and no air flow through the ... READ MORE

Shut off Water Before Vacation

Another homeowner returned from a vacation to find their ceiling on the floor. During a Jersey cold snap this house sustained a flood when a second floor bathro... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Floods a Entire House

While on vacation this homeowner had a pipe break on the third floor of their house. We had one of those polar vortexes accompanied by strong winds which caused... READ MORE

Pipe Freeze

During a brutal cold snap this building had a pipe freeze and burst over a stairwell. No one was there when it first happened so the water ran for a long period... READ MORE

Tree vs Roof

During a bad central New Jersey thunderstorm this customer had a tree come down on his roof. So much water came in that it collapsed part of his ceiling. He ori... READ MORE

Flooded Office Space

An office building in Union, NJ sustained a flood from a broken water supply line on the floor above them. Their sub floor was double layered plywood which pose... READ MORE

Basement Furnace Fire in South Bound Brook

This poor family had a fire that was caused by their furnace one week before Christmas. No one was injured but their children's Christmas presents were affected... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Commercial Electrical Room

There was a small plastics fire in the electrical room of a large commercial building in Jersey City. The damage from the actual flames was very minor but the r... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire In South Plainfield

This damage was a result of food left cooking unattended on the stove. Thankfully, all occupants were able to get out of harms way with no injuries. The house s... READ MORE